FrontLine Workers



Support Workers in Bundaberg, Hervey Bay & Childers regions, this one is for you!

Over the coming 5 months, AIR has received funding to offer free, or heavily subsidised learning and connection events – solely dedicated to support and care workers.

If you are working as a support worker, care worker, youth worker – whatever community service you work for, you can access a Frontline Worker Development Network.

Your choice of learning workshops, online events, newsletter updates and free networking events – this care plan is all about you!

Frontline Worker Development (FWD) Networks are one of several local programs being funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and Social Shift.

(PS Only funded till June this year so we’ll need to be quick)

We see you

While you strive for the best for the people you work with, we strive for a future where your role is recognised for its complexity and skill and where you have conditions that acknowledge your contribution.

Frontline workers being recognised and not underestimated, is a prominent part of AIR’s Vision.

Yeah, ok, we know. All those big visions and warm and fuzzy statements don’t help you right now.

Meanwhile, you are the one at the frontline responding to complex situations, often with less mentoring and training available and, increasingly, in solo situations where you need to use your own judgement.

That is why AIR creates products and services for workers to access independently, where you can increase your depth as skilled practitioners. Reach out and let us know what resources and learnings are most important to you (or what keeps you up at night)

Everyone knows there is strength in numbers, so we are building a member’s area just for you. You may work solo, but you can still be part of a community of peers to share experiences, exchange ideas, and build connections.

Sound good? Join the Regional Collective today.

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Thinking about a job in support, or helping someone who is?

You have come to the right place!

Did you know that ½ a million workers in Australia are already employed as carers or support workers in Disability and Ageing, Nursing Support and Personal Care or Childcare & Welfare Support?

Or that the Health and Social Assistance sector is tipped to be the biggest contributor to employment growth in the coming years?

Statisticians call it a ‘mega trend’ and economists say it is ‘resistant to digital disruption’.

We call it humans helping their fellow humans (and the power of that will never change).

If this sounds like you, we are actively looking for future workers for this large and rapidly growing sector.

Want some more information about what support workers do? Take a small step to learn more.

Working with job seekers or students who are looking at a support career?  Grab a copy of our Rethinking Support Jobs guide or the W.E.R.K.E.R. Program Flyer to help you have those discussions

Looking for a role now, or in the coming months? Even better!