Independent Support Workers


Support to Fly Solo as an Independent Support Worker

If you are on this page, you already know that being an outstanding support worker can profoundly impact the lives of others  – and you love what you do.

You have that prized mix of skills, values and emotional intelligence that it takes to stand out from the crowd, so becoming an Independent Support Worker was your next logical step.

But now you have inherited the ‘other stuff’ needed to run a safe and successful support service that you might not always enjoy or may not be as confident in.

Let’s face it, things like policy templates, service agreements, business planning, privacy acts and marketing can feel a long way away from why you wanted to be an independent support worker in the first place.

They can feel foreign, time-consuming, and stressful.  But you also know they are needed for your safety and the safeguarding of those you support, and sometimes are even a legal requirement!

So now what?

You can still fly solo, change lives, and do you.

But we think every solo business could use a wingman (or wingwoman!)

Why Choose us as your Wingperson? Because we love the boring stuff.

At AIR we have team members that love a good policy and enjoy translating acts, reports and standards into the language of everyday humans.

Sure, we know they aren’t as good at the staff Christmas party, but we find them  pretty handy when you need to understand something long and unreadable.

At AIR our approach to compliance and business planning is to work beside you to build capacity while developing your processes.

What is almost as bad as having no policies and paperwork?  Having foreign templates and forms that you don’t understand and might breach every day without even knowing it.

That is why we work with you to ensure you have structures that are built proportional to your needs.  Safeguards that you understand and make sense.

Then you can get back to having your focus where it needs to be, on the clients that motivate you.

And we can get back to the boring stuff.

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