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We might be biased, but we think Regional Queensland has some of the most dedicated and resourceful assistance organisations.

These organisations have a long history of striving to provide the best possible support for their service users.

But in recent years, many have had to achieve this with declining resources, financial hardship, workforce shortages and market competition that is becoming more intense – and personal – every day.

Relentless policy redirections and fluctuating funding environments can leave organisations grappling with complexity and in a constant state of ambiguity.

We know regional Queenslanders are renowned for our resilience, but how can anyone keep kicking goals when you don’t have enough players left on the field and every month someone moves the goalposts?

This is why the AIR team spend so much of its focus on four key areas to support organisations.

    Tackling Workforce Issues

    You can’t provide quality services without enough capable and suitable workforce to do it.

    Daily you tell us of fewer  applicants, competitive employment markets and how traditional recruitment methods are no longer helping. You manage high attrition rates, risk of burnout, and are looking for new ways to increase employee benefits and improve culture.

    At AIR we have a special soft spot for workforce development projects that cut to the chase and address realities like these.  We judge our success in tangible outcomes, the ones you can actually see in your staff room.

    From organisational workforce plans, to bespoke on-the-ground recruitment events, AIR can help you save time, money and stress levels with initiatives designed to match your situation.

    Want to tell us what your workforce issues are and what outcomes really matter to you? Or would you like to find out more about our workforce services? Let us know

      Being an extra resource to navigate compliance

      “It feels like we are punished for doing the right thing……”

      We particularly hear disability organisations say this, and it’s hard for anyone to argue.

      Some days the extra costs and human demands of accreditation and audits do not seem to be valued within open market systems like the NDIS.

      Staying compliant can appear inflexible and the extra costs it creates can see you branded as “overpriced” or “all about the dollars.”

      We are happy to be another squeaky wheel to campaign for change, but in the meantime, we offer practical hands-on-support services to lessen your workload when it comes to keeping your quality systems up to date or preparing you for audit.

      As well as one-to-one consultation, we can offer workshops on common quality issues to support you to economically gain both the information, and the momentum, you need to makeover your quality systems.

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      Want to talk about 1 to 1 quality coaching? Email the AIR crew or make an online enquiry

        Increasing awareness and reducing ambiguity

        At face value, more information is always a good thing, right?

        But copious emails to your inbox do not a help if you are exhausted  without the resources to read them all, or the opportunity to action them.

        The sheer pace and amount of new information, reforms, findings and regulations is overwhelming (even for us and we aren’t supplying support services to vulnerable community members).

        So, we promise to never say phrases like “providers were already advised about this” or “haven’t you read…”

        If you don’t read our updates, we can resend them.

        If you dream of information listed in one place, let us know the topics you want in a member library.

        If you want information in short snippets, or monthly events, tell us what works for you.

        Communication should never be a one-way street so give us a call, send us an email.

          Collecting regional voices and expertise

          Introducing new resources, professional learning events and projects to regional and rural areas can help create a more level playing field for regional providers.

          But we don’t always need to import wisdom, when it already exists in our towns, regional cities, and within individual sectors.

          Whether it’s Aged Care, Disability, Mental Health, Allied Health, Youth or other specialised community services, we are passionate about actively bringing together the collective wisdom of regional assistance sector providers (just like you!).

          Our vision is one of a Regional Queensland assistance sector with a strong collective voice and the channels to connect and share that wisdom.

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